Sudden calamity in a student’s family?

Loss of not just your fees but his session too…

Here comes C-Cure,
‘Ab Padai hogi puri’

The unexpected happens…

What happens when the earning member of a family meets with an accident or dies an untimely death? The family is burdened with unwanted expenses and decides to cut them down. The fees of a coaching institute is mostly an extra expense for a normal middle-class family and as a result the student has to quit his classes in between the session.

The loss is more than we see…

When the student discontinues the classes, it results not just in financial loss for the institute but also affects his students. The institute also loses a bright student who had immense potential to score good. Also, it negatively affects the self-esteem and confidence of the student.

Small step to avert this disaster…

C-Cure secures you and the student from this unseen tragedy. Powered by IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company, this insures the ‘student, his father and his mother’ from death, temporary or partial disability where beneficiary is the coaching class.

In case of any such unwanted calamity, the coaching class gets to first claim its entire fees from the insurance amount and the rest would be transferred to the student.

C-Cure brings this amazing benefit to a coaching class for a premium of only Rs. 30 per student, paid by the institute, for the sum assured of 3 lacs.

Clients Review

  • Mr. Minaj Shaikh
    Roshni Classes, Mahim
  • Afreen Pathan
    Fledge Institute of Aviation, Navi Mumbai
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  • Review
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