ICCC Brief Terms and Conditions

• ICCC is for the User’s personal, internal and non-commercial use only, and the right to avail ICCC services is non-transferable and non-assignable.

• All financial products under ICCC are fulfilled though third-party providers (“Third-Party Service Providers”). Parshvaa is only a facilitator for the purpose making introductions between the ICCC Members and the Third-Party Service Providers. The terms and conditions of the financial products shall be governed by independent contracts between the ICCC Members and the Third-Party Service Providers. Parshvaa does not make any representation, assurance or warranty with respect to the quality of the services / products of the Third-Party Service Providers and Parshvaa shall not be liable to ICCC Members for any actions of the Third-Party Service Providers, including any fraud, misrepresentation or other breach, nor shall Parshvaa be liable for any defect or deficiency in the services provided by such Third-Party Service Providers.

• Parshvaa is not liable for any representations made by ICCC Members to third-parties regarding any financial products relating to ICCC. In case any ICCC Member makes any such representations to third-parties, Parshvaa reserves the right to institute a claim for damages and pursue any other remedies available to it under civil or criminal law against such ICCC Member, solely at the risk and cost of such ICCC Member.

• The product ICCC and the services thereunder are intended and available only for proprietors of coaching classes and other similar educational institutions. Other persons are not eligible for availing or subscribing for this product.

• Persons interesting in availing the product ICCC shall be required to take membership of the product by paying the required membership fees.

• All memberships for ICCC are annual memberships. The duration of the year for the purpose of the membership shall be begin on the first day January and end on the last day of December in any given calendar year. All memberships shall automatically lapse at the end of the calendar year, unless renewed in advance by payment of the required membership / renewal fee.

• The product seeks to facilitate financing of tuition fees for coaching classes and other similar educational institutions. The financing is provided by Third Party Service Providers and is subject to independent terms and conditions stipulated by such Third-Party Service Providers.

• Upon taking a membership of the product, the Company shall facilitate introductions between Members and Third-Party Service Providers, whose financial products and services may be independently availed by the Members.

• The Company shall have the right to share such User / Member data with the Third-Party Service Providers as may be required for the fulfilment of the Companies obligations under the ICCC product. The terms and policies of onward sharing of User / Member data shall be governed by the independent policies of the Third-Party Service Providers and the Company shall not be responsible for the same.