Say Hello To “V-Pe” and Say Goodbye To All Your Financial Worries!

'V' promise to take care of all your financial worries.

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Dream was


  • You envisioned yourself in the noble profession, helping students choose the right path and watching them progress to great heights.
  • Your vision was to educate the next generation and contribute to the growth of the country.
  • Vision was to provide best facilities and amenities so students can focus on their academics and succeed!
  • Your vision was to prepare students for the challenges of future / professional life.
  • Your vision was to enable the students to live life with dignity.
  • Your vision is to have a successful coaching institute because you have a passion for teaching and the noble profession!
Dream was


  • Instead of focusing on your strength – the academics, you spend more time on recovering fees!
  • You spend more time in managing the finances for the institute than planning lessons!
  • Your vision for expansion is facing road blocks because of financial instability!
  • Your marketing / advertising plans are postponed because of unreliable payment of tuition fees!
  • You feel that you are losing sight of your original intentions and your energy is spent in overseeing administrative work and accounts.
Dream was


  • To make sure you get all your annual fees up front!
  • Take away to your financial worries!
  • Focus on your forte ‘THE ACADEMICS’!
Dream was

Benefits of V-Pe

  • V-Pe makes sure that the coaching institute’s owner receives the entire annual fees of every student at the time of his / her admission.
  • Parents are offered the chance of interest free EMIs.
  • Collecting EMIs are now the headache of V-Pe.
  • Follow-up and bad debts are now taken care of by NBFC.
  • Rest assured that you have enough funds for marketing / advertising and expansion whenever you wish for it!
Dream was

The conclusion is

  • With no financial worries, institutes can focus better on their forte which is academics.
  • Adequate funds at the right time can help institutes to execute their marketing and other expansion activities.

Benefits to coaching institutes


Provides the entire year’s fees of every student at one go


Funds to plan marketing activities And expansion are available at the right time.


Your focus will be on your forte, ‘ THE ACADEMICS ’

Supplementary Benefits


Parents get interest free EMI options


V-Pe will take the responsibility of collecting EMIs


Industry will grow with a strong financial ecosystem.

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